Visit Bogata


The best place for chillin’ in Romania

With only 2000 inhabitants, the commune, situated at approx. 5.5 hour-drive from Bucharest, is the perfect location for a relaxing vacation. Close to Cluj-Napoca, Mediaș, Sighișoara and Târgu Mureș, Bogata is the perfect place to be if you want to relax in nature and take in all it has to offer.

Either you plan a longer vacation in the area, or a short break from the hustle and bustle of the city, Bogata awaits you. Bring your tent, sleeping bag, comfortable shoes and get ready for the chillest weekend you could imagine.

How to get there

Railway: the Târgu-Mureș - Luduș – Războieni Railway.

By car: Accessible by car from nearby cities. Approx. 5.5 hour-drive from Bucharest.


Snoop Dogg in Bogata, Mures, Romania

Internet speed

Maybe not as high as in the capital city of Romania (we’re looking at you, Bernie Sanders), but we’d say it is pretty good.

Good enough to quickly upload a selfie.

Must see

Common Grave of the Romanian WWII Heroes – situated in the yard of the Orthodox Church.

Must eat

Traditional Gulyas dish – stew made of vegetables – mostly potatoes – and meat, heavily seasoned with paprika. We can trace it back to older times, when it is believed that Hungarian shepherds ate similar food to fill up and gain energy for a full day.


Close by


Natural attraction, situated on the lower Hasdate Valley, near the village of Cornești. Easily accessible by car. The waterfall is a wonderful sight, presenting many breaks of slopes and waterfalls with a height of about 5 meters.


A Lutheran fortified church in Biertan, Sibiu County, in the fascinating Transylvania. Together with the surrounding village, it is part of an UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Situated in Alba County, this fort is a beautiful option for all those interested in an easy hike, enjoying nature and... chillin’. :)

Where to sleep

Where to sleep

The village is situated on the river Mureș, offering all that nature has to offer. You can camp there or even ask a villager for housing, if you feel like learning more on the location from its inhabitants.

Did you know...

... that Bogata, Mureș is the birthplace of Iuliu Moldovan? Iuliu Moldovan (1882 – 1966) was a Romanian doctor who studied the role of the reticulo-endothelial system in immune reactions and, with the purpose of treating some immunological diseases, created a new drug called Reticulina M. The drug was used successfully in different infections and also rheumatism, endocarditis and allergic dermatitis. Learn more on this fascinating doctor here.